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Aleu (Structured)

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Structured Podcast 14 mixed by Aleu
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Synthek - In Slow Motion [Wunderblock Records]
Keith Carnal - Placid Journey [Affin]
Pulse One - Disturbed (Kessell Remix) [Granulart Recordings]
Christian Wünsch - Fluid Mechanics [DYAD]
Oscar Mulero - Liner [Mord]
Reeko - Flaming [Soma Records]
Kike Pravda - Density [Senoid]
Tensal - Transmisiones 3 [Modularz]
Kellener & Marla Singer - Fonction 3 [Nachtstrom Schallplatten]
Developer - Promiscuous [Nheoma]
Ansome - The Pain Train [Perc Trax]
Rebekah - Orbital [Mord]
Takaaki Itoh - Household Method [Wols]
Tensal - Achievement 1 [Float Records]
Bass Mooy - Owl In Daylight [Mord]
Planetary Assault Systems - Arc [Mote-Evolver]
Radial - Cru [Mord]
Mental Resonance - Reduction [DYAD]


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Mario Picosso is a young Malaga artist with an enormous progression and talent, currently living in Barcelona, he has become part of the techno scene in the city with a defined and characteristic sound. Lately bringing his Sets and organizing events in clubs like Agora Club, Astra – Space Travel, Moog, Rezonanz, The Garage of […]