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Structured Podcast 24 - Nictofilia
Finally we can present one of our more delicated and perfectionism djs in our Structured's family. Co-founder of Reverse Psycology, Nictofilia's presents attitude and emotion through her set, which has an experimental and noise side.


RNXRX - B1 Ritual Sigilum
Oake- Anaximenes
Oake- Jardín D’evasion
Pact Infernal - Cot Aut Mors
Pact Infernal - Nitimur In Vetitum
Lowsystem - A place not to hide
Samuel Kerridge - Remove Yourself
Hermes - Heka
Perc - Negative Space
Kanding Ray - Oise
RNXRX - B2 Ceneta
Ben Frost - Stomp
JK Flesh & Prurient - Fear of Fear
Dabud - Life
Samuel Kerridge - Waiting for Love 4


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