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Techno / Acid / EBM / Industrial / Electro / Noise / Experimental / Rave


---------------- is a collaborative, Raw and Nomad Online Techno Radio with great people from Barcelona, Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Tbilisi.

Techno / Acid / EBM / Industrial / Electro / Noise / Experimental / Rave

After 2 years of tests we are officially launching this Saturday, November 10th of 2018 focusing on the artists that we like the most, the events that we go or would like to be, Live PA, Live recorded Sets and Live connections from different venues that we want to share and enjoy with you.

Meanwhile we offer our favourite selection of raw tracks and DJ Sets.

Enjoy! If you are interested in joining this family please drop an email to
Techno / Acid / EBM / Industrial / Electro / Noise / Experimental / Rave



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JÆLBiRD JÆLBiRD is an anonymous DJ/Producer from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His style is a fast paced unforgiving Industrial Techno sound that goes from Acid to Hard and Industrial Techno arriving to Gabber. Having quite an extensive musical background and being inspired by artists like SNTS, Paula Temple or [KRTM] he started making Techno himself and […]

Digital Vault is Barcelona-based Techno and industrial noise DJ. After two decades of supporting the electronic music scene in Barcelona, Digital Vault as a DJ, likes to explore various industrial rhythms and eclectic influences, all in line with his musical taste. Techno, Industrial noise and EBM are his favorite music styles, somewhere between gray and […]

HFR is 22 years old, based in Munich, Germany, and has been playing Techno intensively for the last 2 years. His DJ Sets are characterized by fast and hard-minded beats. Together with his mates founded the Techno-Collective “Parallelbetrieb”; an open minded platform of creative minds and art enthusiasts aiming to create a new series of […]

  DAISY is a DJ from Warrington, UK, and started her journey with her local rave firm Subrosa. Her style focuses on blending the harshest kicks from the depths of the industrial underworld with acidic rhythms and emotional euphoric breaks paired with the relentless pace and energy of the speediest side of techno and beyond. […]

Kløne is a duo formed by two twin brothers born in Barcelona. David and Sergi started this project in mid-2016 and debuted with their first release on the Lunar Limited label, which includes remixes by Ricardo Garduno and Marla Singer. They also have other productions on labels such as Vector Functions Records, Fartlek Rec., Kaputt-Musik […]

Berlin-based live duo and production unit, OPERANT, have progressively carved out their own space in the scene with boundary-defying electronic explorations, fuelled with tension and obscurity. A collaborative project between Instruments of Discipline founder, Luna Vassarotti and August Skipper, OPERANT have been serving a selective stream of output through the label with a focus on […]

Passionate about electronic music since he was 10 years old. After many years on the decks and many events behind him, he has a good experience as a mixer sharing the booth with top-level artists in some of the best clubs in Spain and performing abroad in France and Germany. His sessions are characterized by […]

LEVS is the stage name from Levan Gvenetazde, a multi skilled 31 years old Georgian born in Tskaltubo residing in the capital of Georgia. His skills that we were talking go from DJing to sound engineering, sound making and stage management, things that he has been doing for 14 years. He combines his career as […]

  Mattia and Paolo, aka Küetzal and Sancta Sanctorum get to know each other in Milan during their Sound Design studies. Coming from different musical backgrounds such as classical, house and hip hop, they start sharing their experiences beginning an artistic path that will lead them to London. The British capital will host their musical […]

Crystal Geometry is the latest project from underground electronic music veteran, Maxime Fabre. Inspired by Post-Punk, Black Metal and Industrial, the French producer and live artist has returned to his roots, a crossover between the warehouse rave scene of the 90’s and industrial music, mixing Belgian EBM influences with post-modern, modular-engineered Techno. At its core, […]

In a time when rough analogue techno was experiencing its most sequential form, artist Steve Bailey aka Makaton bent its design into a new shape. A British producer cultivating a brittle aesthetic of hard-edged, high-fidelity techno for more than 20 years, Makaton’s productions first gained a foothold throughout the 2000s on his own Rodz-Konez label, […]

Joaquín Padilla’s dedication to techno, the art of mixing and its all encompassing club culture were set off by three concrete events in time and space: watching a DJ play at a house party in 1998, one of Oliver Ho’s tunes in 2003 and seeing Dave Clarke, his first techno venture at Nitsa club in […]

Music lover since he has use of reason. Attracted by genres such as Jazz and improvisation, Psychedelia, Drone, Punk, Garage, Industrial…. He develops electronic music sessions focused on the dance floor, specifically “Dark Techno Experimental” that penetrates between the line of mental and atmospheric sounds, with “industrialism” as the basis of its sound expression. He […]

Daniel Torres aka Tug’s discovered the world of electronic music at a very young age; becoming a music lover by passion and hours of study selecting music that helped him define his own sound being always attracted to the darkest and spatial tones. In 2015, after sharing his music at different clubs of the National […]

Frequency Shifter is the Techno project by Tbilisi based Georgian DJ, producer and KHIDI’s resident artist Giga Arabuli.   Tonight Saturday 13 he is going to be sharing decks at Khidi with BLUSH_RESPONSE and Boyd Schidt. —————– Frequency Shifter combines he’s residence a KHIDI with playing at other georgian clubs like CAFE-GALLERY or Gate and […]

Sigha is the alias of London Based techno producer, James Shaw. To date he has released primarily on Hotflush Recordings, Blueprint Recordings his own imprint Our Circula Sound and been commissioned to provide remixes for a wide range of labels including CLR, Mikrowave, Metalheadz, Echocord, Steadfast and Sudden Drop amongst others. At the heart of […]

Stanislav Tolkachev is a techno pioneer from Ukraine. His productions are influenced both by the classic sound of Detroit and the sleek minimalistic tendencies born in Berlin. He is focused on experimentation with textures and psychedelic sounds, taking inspiration from many diverse sources. Tolkachev’s music has been released on many labels, including M_Rec, Semantica, MORD […]

With a recent EP released on Paula Temple’s ‘Noise Manifesto’ this year, a string of international festival and club appearances, and a frenetic expression of militant techno individuality, Miss Akua Grant sets herself as one of the most unrelenting and innovative artists working in Berlin today. Whether it’s taking from her esteemed production time under […]

Born on 23rd January 1984, in San Martin, Buenos Aires and now based in Barcelona. Along with Cristian Lencina he founds Noconcept Records and released on labels like Gomboc Records, Underdub Records, Survival Alliance Records, Aesir Records, Up and At’em, Substratum Records,Iwashi Series , Unterwelt Techno , Slates Records, etc. After having explored a few […]

Medellín based Dj and producer. Resident at Mansion Club, Medellín. Artist at Naked Index (Berlin) and Woods N Bass Records (Colombia).   Astronomical Telegram, as a secret message, transcoded from the creative thoughts in the tomb, which is sent to the space of the dreamers to capture directly into the sound system. Daniel Restrepo from […]

Squaric is born of research and the creation of new movements in the earthly. The movements that are transmitted by radiation and particle connections. Distortion in their arteries and sweet noise in their undulations. When we say Diffuse Reality, Squaric is the name that is always present; he has been on their lineups countless times […]

Occupying the disparate ‘no-man’s land’ between murky, atmospheric techno and experimental bass-laden electronica, 47 and Osiris Music UK protagonist Killawatt provides a no-nonsense and increasingly forensic attitude towards exploratory production. Drums appear constrained from conventional rhythm, a signature dynamism demonstrated through recent material including his debut LP ‘Émigré’ and his more recent EP’s for Tommy […]

A decade following his initial foray into Barcelona’s underground scene, Kevin Schwantz has kept the same vision of electronica as fuel for social change. 2 years ago Serkin launched his own label named Tourian Records in which he also releases under his new alias 1985. At the same time Serkin continues to be involved in […]

Anika Kunst, Spain. Chapter records. When defining Anika Kunst , everybody who knows her immediately thinks of her charismatic charm, her ability to blend musical styles, an elegance in spinning vinyl , and above all, the perceptiveness and intuition that enable her to read the dance floor mood, making her a killer DJ. Techno is […]

Julez Wyl (Jaded) Resident at Londons, and arguably the UK’s, most infamous long standing after party, Julez Wyl has quickly become a mainstay of the London techno scene, hosting his own room 2 takeover at Jaded, Off Topic. Playing alongside the likes of Mani Dee or Thomas P Heckmann and the great Jaded residents Chris […]

Half of Exium, Polegroup member and Granulart Recordings label owner, physical / digital label focused on the deepest side of techno, with dub influences, 90´s Techno and classic Detroit sound, founded in 2013. Kessell is the alter ego of Valentín Corujo, half of the Exium duo, this is his solo project where he explores the […]

NN (Nuit Noire) is a DJ and producer from Paris with taste for dark and industrial techno that we don’t know too much really about but we really like what he is doing. Having recently released an EP called Dystopian Society on the new parisian label Demian Records gives us the opportunity to know and […]

It’s all about the moment. A certain record being played at a certain time and place. For sure everyone who’s ever been at a techno party knows about the excitement taking hold of a crowd when a DJ is in fully control of this talent. With this in mind, it’s a small step to an […]

Roger Semsroth aka Sleeparchive, grew up in East Berlin, but he did not belong to the GDR born and raised kids that embraced Techno as soon as the Wall came down. His first love were Post Punk electronics of the darker kind and EBM, but those soon surpassed being mere references when he first made […]

Budapest-based DJ and promoter/music curator of BRVTAL techno series. AGA2L is a 27 year old music fanatic who grow up in the country side of Hungary, where he started to collecting and djing vinyls. He has been interested in creating music since his youth, however the breakthrough came up when he met the famous Balla […]

RØTTER is a dj and producer from Barcelona. His energy-laden sets and precise mixes let him play several times in the best clubs in thecity as Razzmatazz, Moog, Macarena, Input, R33, LAUT and City Hall… and has shared decks with great artists as Oscar Mulero, Speedy J,  Antigone, Joton or Edit Select among others. His […]

ZAU (4Dimensions) DJ and producer from Menorca (Balearic Islands) based in Barcelona.   ZAU: Born in 1992, in Menorca under the name of Artús Miravet Sais. For diverse reasons he moved from one place to another. Already as a child he started interacting with various instruments and some keyboard and drum machines. Electronic music has […]

Musician and activist since the first appearance of Raves, Umwelt has never stopped to propagate a fierce, raw and analog sound supported by a voracious passion for electronic music. Founder of Rave or Die and of the New Flesh Records imprint, Umwelt boasts over forty releases to date, which place him among the most prolific […]

Norbert Hoffmann, originating from Hungary and previously known as Dr. Hoffmann; has been involved in the Techno scene since the early 1990s. Firstly as a listener/reveller, then following the natural progression moved into Dj’ing & event promotion and since then this gent has gone from strength to strength. He’s the person in charge of the […]

Dutchman Jeroen Search is one of techno’s most influential producers, but is also a well-kept public secret. Putting out consistently high quality music since the mid nineties, he is always right at the sharp end of the techno spectrum. Keeping him there are the slick beats he releases on his own genre-defining label Search, as […]

DJ and producer Shintaro Yamaguchi is one of Japan’s true underground techno heroes. Passionate, diverse and driven are three words that are consistently used when speaking of Shintaro -and all traits are apparent in his energetic and unique sound. He was a key element to the growth of Japan’s techno scene in his hometown of […]

747 is a DJ and producer from Vancouver, Canada and currently based in Berlin. Best known for his acidic contributions to Aquaregia, he continues to impress with each and every release. Like his hypnotic DJ sets, his tracks are constantly evolving with a mixture of lush pads, dreamy soundscapes, and the sonically pleasing sound of […]

Cromlab is the curator of the Podcast Series Shadow People that have been going for 2 years selecting and allowing everyone discover talents from all over the world. Originally from Spain, and currently based in Berlin, Oliver has always been an enthusiastic of music. Having started as a bassist and played for more than 10 […]

BETTS Beatriz Rodriguez is Betts. Natural from Valladolid but resident in Barcelona. Her first musical contact was in the mid-90s with purely Industrial electronic music, but the real crush was with Techno, at the end of this decade when she discovered it by attending numerous events in her city and surroundings. In 2012 she began […]

Carles Benedet began his musical career in a rock group called “33cl”. He started as an instrumentalist, and has acquired absolute knowledge of various instruments such as drums, acoustic guitar, electric and classical , piano and other percussion instruments. Now he is a self taught, fully formed musician with great ability to improvise freely and […]

MSKD is a young DJ / producer influenced in the field by the “Rave party” which he met at the age of 16 years and the techno of the 90s from Detroit / Chicago or London and Berlin. First of all he is a big fan of the electronic music, where he approaches the techno […]

Amotik Berlin based Amotik released his debut EP in the summer of 2015, and since then, the producer’s had a remarkable run. His style is best described as hypnotic, raw, and uncompromisingly heavy techno. Aside from releasing on his own self-titled label, he has also released on Tommy Four Seven’s imprint ’47’, and Figure’s new sub […]

Mario Alonso, more known in the electronic world as Lowsystem is a Dj/Producer born and raised in Salamanca ( Spain ). His interest about electronic music and especially Techno started early, mainly influenced by Jeff Mills, Regis, Surgeon and Oscar Mulero. He started to play in 2006 in clubs like Sala Zeus de Medina del […]

Leafeater from Waterford, Ireland. Having started out predominately as a DJ many years ago, his love for music later seen him venture to the production side of things and with initial releases on Green Fetish Records, he has began to work more recently with the London based label Sticky Ground putting on tracks on their […]

WNDRLST is a techno DJ & Producer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands – 25 years old with his roots in the industrial and dark scene.   WNDRLST is a techno DJ & Producer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands – 25 years old with his roots in the industrial and dark scene. Over the last years […]

Roll Dann is a dj and producer from Madrid who grew up at the dawn of the cassette tape. His experience with music goes back to 1999. With 27 years he release in 3 of the most powerful labels in the international market: Modularz, AINE from Pole Group and INVOLVE Records. Roll Dann has been […]

In Time Traveler is the glitched light behind the timestretch shadow, the journey in the deepest frequencies. Michele Pinna is the name behind this rough and crude figure, expressed through a language that finds its highest expression in the industrial distorted apocalyptic techno. Browsing the ChroniclesDiary’s pages we could find the sound of the rusty […]

Dj/Producer, Co Owner of Sticky Ground 50% of Kernic from Sticky Ground. Mattia and Paolo, aka Küetzal and Sancta Sanctorum get to know each other in Milan during their Sound Design studies. Coming from different musical backgrounds such as classical, house and hip hop, they start sharing their experiences beginning an artistic path that will […]

Irrational Language is the new project of the producer Aphonico, a new alias with a new concept that integrates the most outsiders aspects within conventional techno. The artist mute his skin embarking on a journey through acid music, electro, industrial music and the idm that results in the invoice of three new themes that combine […]

MELANIA . is a Berlin based artist who’s musical adventure began by the end of 2014. Since then she regulary plays Europewide and well known clubs like Tresor, about:blank, IFZ, Arena Club or last but not least, Suicide Circus, where she is a frequent host of the widely known Rituals series. Moreover she’s a co-founder […]

SILEZ (Structured) Born in Gran Canaria, Spain but currently living in The Netherlands. In 2015 he’s part of the foundation of Structured, in Málaga. A collective that supports the non-comercial side of techno with a batch of local artists, launching events and releasing podcasts on the web. Structured’s showcases are starting to make a fuss […]

Regarded as Colombia’s finest techno export and a true pioneer of its electronic music scene, Bogota born, Barcelona based Adriana Lopez is quickly climbing the forefront of in demand DJ list internationally with her powerful yet brooding and mindmelting approach to techno. She’s the label head of Spanish imprint Grey Report and a regular contributor […]

Javier Caballero aka Audiolux starts his way in the music since he begins to feel attraction for Dark Wave and Gothic Rock sounds such as Joy Division or The Smiths. Under the influence of Madrid‘s electronic music movement, he begins to discover EBM artists and groups such as Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 or A Split […]

Gear and live Techno is what Vlaysin is all about. Vlaysin has been active under different aliases in the Techno scene for more than 10 years. In 2015 he decided to focus on the rawer side of Techno leading his music to analog territories using modular and different pieces of hardware instruments to express his […]

Dasha Rush is a Russian-born artist who spends her time drifting around the globe, while constructing a rather wide assortment of electronic music and arts projects. Among releases on labels like Sonic Groove and Raster Noton, and collaborations with few others, still majority of her work is released on her own imprint Fullpanda records and […]

Oriol Albesa better known as Dinward is a Techno music DJ based in Barcelona, Spain. After been involve for more than ten years in the Spanish Techno Scene, in 2017 he took part of Structured collective where he has found the understanding and creative intelligence to be able to grow as a musician. Dinward have […]

Hailing from the northern Polish town of Gdynia, comes Poland’s own Paweł Zawadzki; a versatile producer and live set aficionado who performs under the arcane alias of Concept of Thrill. His introduction into the scene came back in early 2017 on Spanish label Kindcrime Recordings, which saw him present 2 dancefloor focused original productions on […]

Growing up playing the drums and bass guitar this talented Producer/DJ’s powerful musical roots saw her arrive in Berlin in 2010 and find her way into the house and techno clubs of this magical city. Originally coming from a beautiful yet troubled homeland of Beirut, Lebanon, the cultural experiences have without a doubt inspired and […]

As a DJ and producer, Setaoc Mass is part of a select cut of young artists who are absorbing techno’s legacy and carrying the torch into tomorrow. Whilst overseeing his own imprint SK_eleven, his releases push a galvanising brand of techno, steeped in a sense of urgency, ever-propulsive with acute detailing and nods to a […]

Born in Germany, now living in Rugby and raised on a diet of techno, a travel-laden up bringing combined with a natural penchant for experimental and diverse soundscapes have paved the foundations for Stephanie Sykes to develop a highly unique musical voice, one unrestricted by boundaries and defined by deviation. It was the move to […]

CYKLOS (Concerns Music / Kindcrime / Bunker Sets) Javi Sanchez (Cyklos), DJ and producer based in Barcelona. After more than 15 years in the music business, his sessions are well-refined and his style is a very personal journey full of influential artists such as Regis, Rumenige, Dave Clarke, Drumcell, Speedy J, Truncate, Brian Sanhaji, Oscar […]

He was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1990. Since he was 12 years old, he was interested in electronic music, listening to dj’s like Carl Cox, Misstress Barbara, Richie Hawtin.From the age of 12 he is interested in electronic music, especially after his arrival in Spain at the age of 15 where started to be […]

With a broad interpretation and appreciation for diversity within electronic music, Vela Uniform maintains different influences in an ever emerging electronic music scene. The constantly changing search for the right balance between dense textures and complex rhythmical structures is the central part of Vela Uniform’s music. Born in Netherlands and based nowadays in Utrecht, Vela […]

BROKEN HILL is a project born from desire to unite the knowledge and skills of its two components Oriol Albesa and Joaquin Padilla who started their journey through the world of electronic music together. After more than a decade of individually developed techniques and track selection behind the decks, they have come together to offer […]

Born in Malaga in 1988, begins his relationship with electronic music by attending break beat events and listening to artists like Freq Nasty, Autobots, Rennie Pilgrem, Prodigy… he settled in Granada at the age of 17 where he began to really be interested in the world of music and began to deepen, very influenced by […]

Music producer, dj and percussionist, co-founder of Putis!, one of the mainly party label and artist collective based in Barcelona. Addicted by the music is known by his personality like a dj and exciting abilities on the mixing, inspired by old school techno cracks like Murphy, Oscar Mulero and Ben Klock, he does cuts and […]

Korben Nice (Kindcrime /Wunderblock) is a young talent from Barcelona, Spain. His hyperkinetic, deep and driven tracks can lead the listener away into the rapid hypnotic journey. The classy dubbed out remix by Wunderblock intensifies the EP even more. The concept of the EP goes from the term of Agorism, a revolutionary left-libertarian political philosophy […]

Alessandro Nero, formerly known as Necroboy, founder and owner of Kindcrime Recordings since 2007, is an Industrial / Drone Techno producer, Dj and live act, with large experience in clubs all over Europe. Alessandro is also an active electronic music constructor that counts with more than 10 solid years of production knowledge and various releases out with different […]

Born in 1993, SINERT from Terrassa, Barcelona, initiated his musical career in 2012, and was listening to artists such as Justice, Noise Boys and 2manydjs among others. Around the same time his musical taste turned more towards electro and techno, he started playing at different places in Catalunya, Blau club, and Tramunfest, Girona, Macarena Club […]

Vincenzo Tamburello aka Guliver was born in Bergamo 09/06/1996, now resident in Berlin, Germany. Owner of Acidistorted Uk.   Vincenzo Tamburello aka Guliver, 21 year of age, Italian roots, born in Bergamo and currently living in Berlin, Germany. Guliver found his musical passion already in his early years, when his focus shifted to the electronic […]

Mario Picosso is a young Malaga artist with an enormous progression and talent, currently living in Barcelona, he has become part of the techno scene in the city with a defined and characteristic sound. Lately bringing his Sets and organizing events in clubs like Agora Club, Astra – Space Travel, Moog, Rezonanz, The Garage of […]

Spanish DJ Hurtado recorded with the Mexican label B55 his first EP, entitled “Trinian”, and earlier December 2015, his second EP came out on the label “Brood Audio” from Los Angeles with the tittle “1995”. As for now, Hurtado is working on new music in preparation for his Live (PA) and delivers his own vision […]