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When The Essential Fades Away – Nodrize009 by Irrational Language Digital Album Nodrize Records publishes its ninth reference, a release composed of four cuts signed signed by the boss of the label; Irrational Language. In them the master lines of the Nodrize sound remain intact. Techno of high impact and powerful punch, either with an […]

Structured Showcase + Afterparty at the club M7 and Salon Kitty w/ Nodrize and Khidi Residents SHOWCASE w/ Nodrize- The club M7 – 15th September Irrational Language (Nodrize Records/Málaga) Rafa Cárdenas (Nodrize Records/Málaga) Tug’s (Structured/Quantum) —————————————————- AFTERPARTY w/ Khidi Residents – Salon Kitty Club -16th September Frequency Shifter (KHIDI / Tbilisi) Yanamaste (KHIDI / Tbilisi) […]